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  1. R H Hoyt says:

    Fantastic site, as a retired airline employee and history buff it’s like being in a candy store with a $100 gift card. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Stan Waites says:

    Good day James…. From overcast but pleasant Barcelona. I’m an aging , but fit Aussie on as Bucket List mission to travel the Suez from North to South, as you did, and thereby revisit the journey my mother undertook at the age of 5, when her family escaped the impact of the Russian Revolution , and made the long journey to Australia. Where do I start.? With a Shipping Line.? An Agent.? I like your work James… Stan Waites.

  3. Andrea Sidor says:

    As a former Pan Am Flight Attendant and Purser from 1978 – 1990, I thoroughly enjoy your website. What a tremendous resource for Pan Am history and photographs! Each article I read makes me even more proud to have been a part of this American aviation history. We were lucky. Thank you for documenting it.

    • Thank you, Andrea. I enjoy doing this and I hope that it will help in preserving the legacy of Pan American for the generations to come. Expect some new postings in the near future. I have been doing some traveling and lecturing and thus the postings have slowed down…


      Jamie Baldwin

  4. Greg Dess says:

    Dear Jamie,

    Do you have any recommendations on how to defend against screen shots?

    Best wishes for the holiday season!


    • HA HA HA! I suggest (1) a Figure Four Leglock or (2) not throwing the John Wood gofer ball or (3) hiring an all-purpose quarterback….Let’s try and talk next week. What’s a good day/time? Best to you and family! Taylor must be finished with studies by now……Terch

  5. jonathan l johnson jr says:

    Hi: Looking for info on early PANAGRA pilot, Harold MacMickle, lost his life in PANAGRA crash, 25 Dec 1935 at Limatambo. His early South American and Caribbean flying history is of interest. Can you help. Happy Holidays.

    • Thanks for your comment and inquiry. The website referenced in the story could be an excellent source. Unfortunately, it has been inactive of late. The Panagra story will be appearing in the June issue of Airways Magazine. Maybe there will be some additional resources from that…..

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