Pan American World Airways – Images of a Great Airline Second Edition

During the month of February, a number of significant events during the life of Pan American World Airways took place, including the airline’s first flight to the Canal Zone (1929), the first DC-8 delivery (1960), the first Boeing 720B delivery (1963), the acquisition of Sociedad Colombo Alemana de Transportes Aéreos (SCADTA) (1930), the first delivery of the DC-6B (1952), and the first service to the People’s Republic of China (1981). Many of these are described in excellent detail, along with illustrations, in the book, Pan American World Airways – Images of a Great Airline Second Edition. The descriptions are written in a lively manner that will entertain – and educate – young and old alike.

Pan American World Airways – Images of a Great Airline Second Edition is a “must read” for anyone interested in the contributions made to international civil aviation by Pan American World Airways and belongs in every library of aviation literature. Included in this volume is a detailed timeline, covering the entire history of the airline, from the early beginnings to the sad end, along with many images of the airline’s aircraft and memorabilia, some of which is extremely rare.

This book is intended to tell the story of one of the greatest airlines of all time and be passed on so future generations will appreciate the important role Pan American World Airways played in developing international air transportation.

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